About Us


Born and bred in Singapore, Elizabeth has been a model for 4 years donning outfits by many designers and have walked in many runway shows. In March 2019, she takes on the baton to create elegant couture fashion seamlessly blended for the powerful and beautiful.

Each piece of her collection has been individually designed, hand-crafted and perfected by the team of designers in the atelier to deliver their signature quality and attention to detail. From couture-inspired pieces to luxurious heritage styles, every Liz Camilia Couture Pte Ltd are inspired from the red carpet events and international fashion shows.

Elizabeth won a major beauty pageant competition in 2017 and lived in Manila, Philippines with 86 fabulous ladies who were winners from their own countries. She was immediately taken by the amazing varieties of unique fabrics and styles worn by the delegates day in day out. She got further inspiration from fashion runway competition shows and exhibition events during the month long activities in Manila and beyond.

Understanding that exquisitely handcrafted pieces in a collection could carry a huge price tag, she decided to focus on a rental basis business model. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess, and a man who treats his lady like a princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen.

Stay true, stay gold,

Our Design Process

1. Elizabeth, the main designer, spends much of her time travelling the globe, getting inspiration from red carpet events and international fashion shows.

2. We teamed with our designer and seamstress to source unique fabrics and sketch each design in the studio, hand-paint many of our prints, and sketching much of our embroidery and lace by hand. This makes these prints and intricate lace or embroidery designs completely unique and exclusive to us.

3. All our styles are created in the atelier. Majority of our patterns and sizes are custom-cut, measured and machined in-house. The prototypes are fitted on mannequins, enabling us to be precise with how our clothes fit – to enhance the waistline or moving stitches to make the shoulders softer and more feminine.